We're stepping outside the world of classic rock for a moment to bring you some strange video. It's been a bumpy few years for Puddle of Mudd, with recent releases failing to match the sales of the band's multi-platinum debut and frontman Wes Scantlin repeatedly making headlines for a series of legal issues. And based on what happened at their April 16 show in a Dallas club, things aren't getting better.

TMZ reports that Scantlin erupted partway through the gig, throwing his microphone into the crowd and strolling around the stage to exchange various verbal and physical profanities with members of the audience. (He also threw what appears to be a bunch of beer at them, but to be fair, it looks possible that the crowd fired first in that regard.) You can watch it all unravel in the video embedded above.

Details are still sketchy at this point. Scantlin's reps haven't responded to requests for comment, and the band has yet to comment about the incident on their website, Twitter or Facebook pages as of this posting. TMZ's report claims that paramedics were called to the scene to aid an injured member of the crowd and speculates that the person in question was wounded by Scantlin's flying microphone. Scantlin was arrested several times in a 10-month span during 2013 -- for charges including vandalism, assault, speeding, theft and failure to pay taxes. Here's hoping no one was hurt badly during the show.