‘Prove it All Night’ has been a showstopper on nearly every E Street Band tour since it was released on 1978’s ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town.’ Only the ‘Tunnel of Love Express’ tour in 1988 failed to see it performed even once. It has already been played eight times on this tour. So why does it even make our list, no less top it? Because in Barcelona on May 17, they performed the song with the “1978 intro,” where Roy Bittan’s piano created a backdrop for a blistering extended Springsteen guitar solo before they crashed into the familiar opening riff.

Even though he’s repeatedly gotten calls to perform the longer version throughout the years, Springsteen dismissed it as recently as 2010 by saying it was “just a device, you know, something that worked nicely at the time. If you’d like to hear it again, that’ll probably never occur, my friend. But it was, it was good while it lasted.