While details of the funeral services for Monkees singer Davy Jones have been difficult to come by, it's clear the family wants to keep it a private affair. Vintage Vinyl News reports that a memorial is scheduled for today (March 7) in Florida. Jones' ex-bandmates will not attend. 

It will be a small service. "My understanding is they want to avoid a media circus," Mickey Dolenz told Billboard on Tuesday, "and the family wants to keep it very, very low-key and very, very private and you can imagine as soon as one or two or any of us were to show up, it would very quickly be degraded into something that I don't think his immediate family would want to deal with."

TMZ reported on Tuesday that Jones' body would be cremated. Additionally, there have been multiple reports that public memorials would be scheduled in the future in New York City and England. Dolenz says he hopes those memorials will bring the remaining Monkees together again.

"He obviously had fans and family and associates on both coasts and two continents," Dolenz said. "It's pretty early days, you know, to be making too many plans. I'm still in shock."

Jones died on Feb. 29 after suffering a heart attack in Florida. The one-time heartthrob was the only British member of the band, loosely built around the image of the Beatles.