90 second samples of every track from Van Halen's highly anticipated and much discussed upcoming new album 'A Different Kind of Truth' have leaked on the Internet.

Apparently first revealed via iTunes Canada, the tracks have spread to many other places, and offer tantalizing new hints of how the whole record's going to sound, while still leaving much to the imagination.

The album seems to be a blend of faithful renditions of old (and much loved) demo tracks, reworked compositions featuring riffs or ideas from similarly unreleased songs, and brand new material. There don't appear to be any keyboard-based songs on the record; it's also plainly obvious that Edward Van Halen hasn't run out of cool things to do with a guitar.

(We've been asked to remove the embedded videos from our site. If you happen to go exploring and find them yourself please remember what we said before -- be sure be sure to buy it when it comes out if you like what you hear, OK?)