Every band has disagreements, but some are worse than others. Ask the guys in Poison. Bret Michaels, in a conversation this week with Fox Sports Radio, recalls a brutal fight with bandmate CC DeVille at a Louisiana sports bar, one that lingered through a subsequent appearance at the MTV Music Awards.

“This is no lie," Michaels says. "Me and him were having a few words, having a good time, next thing you know – maybe a couple drinks, a little substance here – next thing you know a few words, and we are beating the living crap out of each other. And then it continued. They broke us apart. We went back to the hotel, right, and all of a sudden the elevator door opens and we just happened to be going down to our buses. They were trying to separate us, and it started again. Old CC came at me, and we went at it again."

Traveling for years on end in close quarters was typically to blame, Michaels adds. Sometimes, these dust ups would be triggered by the smallest of slights. “You know what would make you mad,” Michaels mused. “One song would get excluded from the set list ...”

Ultimately, he adds, the two Poison bandmates remained close – though bad feelings could still linger. "We got some punches in," Michaels says, but they were still “best friends. The next day we went and played. I broke his nose. He chipped one of my teeth. We went and played the next day in Georgia, and it was great. Then we did it at the MTV Awards. We came out on stage and beat the living crap out of each other right after ‘Talk Dirty To Me.’”

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