Pink Floyd has launched ‘Behind The Wall Clip 1,’ a teaser from the upcoming documentary which will be available on ‘The Wall Immersion’ box set arriving Feb. 28. The use of 'Clip 1' in the title leads one to believe that other clips will follow prior to the official release.

Though this clip is fairly short, all four members are interviewed about the innovative decision to build a wall during the show and then play behind it. “Originally my idea was to build the wall and when it was finished, that was the end of the show” Roger Waters says chuckling. Keyboardist Rick Wright adds, “We do a show and we’ll build a wall up between us and the audience as a statement and then we’ll see how long it will take to piss them off.”

David Gilmour builds on Wright’s comment stating with a grin, “I'm not sure I want to be in that audience,” while drummer Nick Mason claims it’s about “the walls that get built between people.” Relationships can be difficult but, as reported earlier, ‘The Wall’ wasn’t made by angry people, contrary to the age-old rumors.

Furthermore, the UK-based Radio station Planet Rock will air a one-hour special on the making of ‘The Wall’ at 7PM (UK time) on Saturday, Feb. 25. The show will feature exclusive interviews and cover ‘The Wall’ from conception, to recording of the original album, staging the shows, right up to the Roger Waters current ‘The Wall Live’ tour.

Watch 'Behind The Wall Clip 1'