The changing shape of the music industry leaves Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason reluctant to commit to the idea of a new album from the highly successful group.

Mason was diplomatic about the subject during a new interview with Guitar World. Noting that it’s quite possible that his former bandmates might have a different answer, he gave his own thoughts on the matter.

“I think there's no chance of going back into the studio, because that would be a waste of everyone's time. It takes so long to make a recording, which is sort of devalued, as a lot of records have been. They’re downloaded for nothing, so you end up spending a year working on something that was just a giveaway.”

During our own conversation with Nick, he told us that “it may well be over” and he called the band’s 2005 reunion at Live 8 “extraordinary.” Seemingly, it would take a similar cause to reunite the group for future performances, because he says “it wouldn’t be money.”

With the success of the current ‘Immersion’ box set for ‘Dark Side Of The Moon,’ there are plans to do similar sets for ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘The Wall.’ Beyond that, Mason says that he’d love to explore a similar expansion for some of the group’s earlier material.

“if we do something like an “Immersion” version of the earlier stuff, there's some demo stuff from '66, late '65, even. So there are a couple of nice Syd Barrett songs that would be fun to put out.”

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