Two legends with strongly contrasting styles butt heads in the opening round Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battle between Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin. Each month, our readers will determine which of eight legendary artists or bands is immortalized forever for their contributions to classic rock history.

Pink Floyd emerged as one of the brightest lights of the psychedelic movement in the mid-'60s. After surviving the mental decline and departure of original leader Syd Barrett, they evolved into masters of both studio craft and the concept album format -- not to mention one of the most popular bands in the world -- on the strength of masterpieces such as 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Wish You Were Here.'

Joplin wasn't with us for very long before she met her tragic demise -- just four albums altogether, two as lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company. But as this list of the Top 10 Janis Joplin Songs shows, she certainly shared every bit of emotion and passion she had on songs like 'Piece of My Heart' and 'Me and Bobby McGee.'

So who’s going to make it through this first round -- the ultra-refined studio and songwriting wizards from England, or stripped-down, emotionally raw blues-rock singer from Texas? You can vote once a day from now until 11:59PM ET on May 12. Read the Hall of Fame’s official rules right here, and be sure to mark your calendars for June 1, when the third entrant into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame is revealed.


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