It looks like Motörhead fans can breathe a sigh of relief for guitarist Phil Campbell.

The band has issued a public statement regarding the health of the recently hospitalized guitarist, who's been laid up with an undisclosed illness for the last several days. Offering a "hearty THANK YOU" to those who've offered their "support, understanding and community" since the news of Campbell's condition got out, they took to Facebook with some encouraging words regarding his prognosis.

"It has obviously not been an easy time and with Phil recovering well, we are all doing everything we can to keep roaring right now," continues the post. "Your understanding and support is golden and very much appreciated. Again, THANK YOU!"

In Campbell's absence, the band has been forced to cancel or postpone a string of dates, starting Nov. 27 and continuing through the following night as well as yesterday's show. Sources suggest that Motörhead will resume touring tonight, when they're scheduled to make an appearance in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This recent run of bad luck is unfortunately only the latest chapter in a period that's seen Motörhead struggle to maintain its touring schedule under the weight of band members' medical issues — most often those suffered by frontman Lemmy Kilmister, whose health woes have included suffering a hematoma, being fitted for a defibrillator and coping with a lung infection.

Scary as these brushes with mortality might be, they haven't put a dent in Motörhead's commercial momentum: Their latest album, Bad Magic, is a Top 40 hit in the U.S. and has crested at or near the top of the charts in various parts of Europe.

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