One of Peter Gabriel’s most ambitious projects to date, the concert film 'New Blood Orchestra,' will get a special premiere at theaters around the country on Sept. 6 and 12.

Fathom Events will host the first public screening of the film on 125 3-D movie screens across the country. The concert will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

The ‘New Blood’ concert tour found Gabriel debuting imaginative revisions of his classic favorites backed by an orchestra. Although they’ve been reworked, the modifications maintain the spirit of the originals, and as you'd expect, Gabriel’s theatrical performance captures the essence of each song.

In a conversation with the Kansas City Star during the tour earlier this year, Gabriel revealed that the inspiration for his musical revisions came from a pretty simple place - after more than 30 years of playing some of these songs, he wanted to put a fresh spin on them. "You can get bored with it," he admits, which triggers the desire to "turn them into something different each time you go out.”

In the concert's opening number, ‘Intruder,’ Gabriel skulks across the stage with so much authenticity that we could swear we saw standing ovations from visiting cat burglars in attendance for the show. The overall pacing is pretty mellow throughout, but the diverse yet familiar setlist will please both casual fans and diehards alike.

Gabriel has long been on the cutting edge of new media presentations, and the ‘New Blood’ screenings find him taking yet another step forward, offering fans their first opportunity to experience a full three-dimensional video presentation of his legendary catalog of music.

His next album release, also titled ‘New Blood’ is scheduled for release on October 11, and will present new studio recordings of the rearranged orchestra-based material.

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