Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell returns to take calls and give advice on the popular syndicated radio show 'Loveline' tonight. The show runs from 10 PM to midnight PT, and can be streamed from the 'Loveline' website.

Farrell's brand of advice should, no doubt, rub against what the more conservative Dr. Drew typically proposes. The singer's background is spotted with drug abuse and general rock 'n' roll behavior, which he proudly stands behind.

In fact, Farrell once said, "You know what, I'm sick of the people that are sober. I think sobriety is wrong... You're supposed to party on Friday night, and, if you don't, you're going against God's wishes." While Farrell has cleaned up some and has a wife and kids, he's still way more Charlie Sheen than Charles Ingalls.

Jane's Addiction is touring in Connecticut and New York this weekend. The band is set to release their first album since 2003's 'Strays' shortly. 'The Great Escape Artist' will be available on Sept. 27, featuring original members Farrell, Dave Navarro, and Stephen Perkins. You can read all about the album with our story entitled 5 Things You Need To Know About the New Jane's Addiction Album.

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