Any self-respecting Pearl Jam fan will no doubt want to nab the 'Pearl Jam Twenty' rock doc on DVD or Blu-ray.  Along with a standard, single disc version, a three-disc set will drop on Oct. 25 and will be loaded with enticing extras! It will include both the final version of the film and an alternate version, along with a fan-centric disc. Bonus footage will be included as well.

Consequence of Sound reported details on the contents of the three disc set.

The alternate version, dubbed 'The Kids Are Twenty,' is actually director Cameron Crowe's original version of the film, which was an archival look at the band, similar to The Who's 'Kids Are Alright,' hence the title. Crowe wanted the doc to be heavy on performance footage and light on interviews with the band. However, he shifted gears midway through. He told Rolling Stone that "We got halfway through. We actually have a version of the movie that’s like that, which will come out on the DVD, called 'The Kids Are 20' – it’s the movie with just performance and very little talk. But about halfway through, we were saying, ‘You know, it would be really great to go in there now and talk to the guys about all this stuff. But let’s talk to them in their houses, where they’re most personally comfortable, and ask them conversational questions. Let’s get them as guys on film.’ So that’s what we did.”

The third disc in the set is nearly an hour-and-a-half of footage focusing on the band's relationship with its fans. That's called 'The Fans Are Alright.'

If you prefer a more simple version without all the bells and whistles, we've got good news. A single-disc DVD with just the final version will be made available on Oct. 25, as well.

The three-disc set is broken down as follows:

Disc 1: 'Pearl Jam Twenty,' complete with 30 minutes of bonus footage
Disc 2: 'The Kids Are Twenty' version with bonus footage
Disc 3: 'The Fans Are Alright,' which is over 80 minutes of extra clips focusing on the fans and their relationship with the band