Pearl Jam wrapped up 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon''s week-long performance tribute to Pink Floyd by performing 'Mother' from the legendary British rock band's classic 1979 album 'The Wall.'

Eddie Vedder's deep baritone was, as expected, a perfect match for the somber anti-war ballad, and his bandmates stayed in range of the original version's mood and tempo while also remaining true to their own inherent, slightly ramshackle musical approach.

Their performance wrapped up an excellent (if sleep depriving) week of Pink Floyd tribute performances on the late night talk show, which featured -- get ready -- The Shins performing 'Breathe,' Roger Waters and Foo Fighters tackling 'In the Flesh?,' MGMT paying their tribute to Floyd's earliest work with 'Lucifer Sam' and country star Dierks Bentley's interpretation of 'Wish You Were Here.'

This was all, as you probably know by now, to promote the kick-off of Pink Floyd's massive catalog re-issue campaign, the highlight of which is a six-disc "Immersion" edition of their 1973 classic, which we just got done listening to in full. Look for a review shortly, and here's a little preview: it's pretty darn awesome.

Pearl Jam's performance was the coolest, but not the craziest thing that happened on Fallon's show tonight. That honor would go to the 21-foot long snake who peed and possibly pooped on an assistant to the hyperactive animal trainer who served as the show's first guest. So, see what you missed while you were out having fun?

Watch Pearl Jam Perform Pink Floyd's 'Mother' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'