Now that many of the summer blockbuster movies are in theaters, it's time for studios to start promoting what they have in store for later this year. The latest trailer for The Peanuts Movie, which comes out on Nov. 6, prominently features the Who's classic "Baba O'Riley."

The main plot, judging by the above video, centers on Charlie Brown's attempt to meet the little red-haired girl, who has just moved to town. Many familiar aspects of the comic strip and TV specials -- such as Lucy's psychiatry booth, Linus covering himself with his security blanket, Charlie Brown's inability to fly a kite and kick a football, Peppermint Patty falling asleep in class, Frieda mentioning her naturally curly hair and Snoopy's flights of fancy as Joe Cool and the World War I flying ace -- all show up.

As a side note, the van bringing the little red-haired girl to town bears the name of Mendelson & Melendez Moving Co., a tribute to Lee Mendelson, the executive producer of the iconic Peanuts TV specials, and Bill Melendez, who animated and directed the shows, as well as the voices of Snoopy and Woodstock.

"Baba O'Riley" is the opening cut on the Who's landmark 1971 album, Who's Next, which came out of Pete Townshend's failed Lifehouse project. The song's title, which is not mentioned in the lyrics, refers to Townshend's spiritual guru, Meher Baba, and American composer Terry Riley, whose works inspired the famous synthesizer part.

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