Paul Simon has pledged his full support and cooperation to a biography being written by former Los Angeles Times critic Robert Hilburn, agreeing to sit for a series of interviews as well as authorizing access to "friends, family and collaborators."

"I thought seriously about writing my own memoir, but I’d rather devote my time to making music, which continues to hold my full attention," Simon explained in a press release announcing the book, which is set to be released by Simon & Schuster. "I’m confident Robert Hilburn will write an insightful book. I enjoyed and admired his biography of Johnny Cash, and I think he’ll tell my story well."

The project doesn't have a release date yet, but Simon & Schuster president and publisher Jonathan Karp is already confident it'll be a must-read for fans. "For 50 years, Paul Simon has been a major cultural force," he enthused in the press release. "This book will be essential to anyone who wants to understand how he did it."

Hilburn, meanwhile, is ready to shine a light on the private life of a songwriting legend. "Simon is the consummate songwriter. His music has spoken about our lives and times with such an intimacy, insight and grace that they share an important place in our cultural consciousness," he argued, promising that "the book will be a gripping, inspiring portrait of an artist, including the toughness and heart it requires to avoid giving in to the many factors -- from rejection to self-doubt to writer’s block and complacency -- that have derailed so many pop artists."

Simon, who toured with Sting earlier this year, recently released a duet with his wife, Edie Brickell, and is reportedly at work on his 12th studio album.