"So, who's this Derek Jeter guy? Someone told me he has more hits than me!" Paul McCartney made the Yankee Stadium crowd go wild Friday night (July 15) with that quip after finishing his opening song, 'Hello, Goodbye.'

McCartney performed the first of two shows at the New York ballpark last night to kick off his 'On the Run Tour,' which will visit other select ballparks and arenas throughout North America this summer.

With only four other musicians in his band, Macca delivered an intimate performance in a huge setting. The 35-song set didn't miss a beat, with McCartney only taking a break every so often to talk to the crowd. At 69 years old, he seemed as young and energetic as he did when the Beatles were in their prime.

There were a few people in the crowed who grumbled when he played a couple of his newer tunes during the show. However, his latest material mixed in well with his classics to show the wide range of his music.

Before diving into a tear-inducing rendition of 'Here Today,' McCartney told the crowd it was a song he wrote for his friend John. Hearing McCartney refer to his late Beatles bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison just as John and Georgie reminded the audience just how legendary the man playing before them was.

After three hours, fireworks and two encores, there was little left to ask for from McCartney. He ended the show with 'Yesterday,' 'Helter Skelter' and an amazing sampling of the famous medley off 'Abbey Road' that made the crowd roar with excitement.

In short, seeing Paul McCartney proved that after almost 50 years of making and performing some of the best music in history, he's still got it.

Watch Highlights From Paul McCartney's Yankee Stadium Show