Paul McCartney has revealed that his former manager advised the former Beatle to retire from his successful solo career - almost twenty years ago, as McCartney was approaching his 50th birthday.

Naturally, McCartney, who recently turned 69, did not listen to this unnamed advisor. You might also imagine that this person no longer represents McCartney, and you'd be right: "I thought, I know what you mean, but I really don't feel like it, you know," he tells Mojo. "So I decided against it, and got rid of him. I wonder what he thinks today. Perhaps that he was right, but hopefully not."

As anyone who's seen McCartney in concert recently can attest, there's absolutely no reason for him to retire anytime soon. Luckily, he's not planning to, with a summer series of U.S. concerts starting up soon: "We don't work hard, we play music - we don't work music. It sounds simplistic but it's really true."

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