Even among the usual collection of photo mismatches that happen at every awards show, this one from the Grammys stands out: a fishnet-clad Lady Gaga planting one on Sir Paul McCartney's cheek, much to his abject horror. Macca's face seems to scream out, "And I thought Yoko was nuts!"

McCartney performed twice during the Grammys. Early in the evening, dressed in a white tuxedo, he crooned 'My Valentine,' one of the two originals from 'Kisses On The Bottom,' his new collection of standards. For the performance, he was joined by Joe Walsh on guitar and Diana Krall on piano.

The former Beatle closed out the telecast with a rockin' version of 'Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End,' the final piece of the medley that closes 'Abbey Road' and has served as McCartney's standard concert finale for some time now. 'The End's' famous guitar jam had even more starpower as Walsh, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl traded licks with McCartney, and the two guitarists from his touring band, Brian Ray and Rusty Anderson.