Paul McCartney is going to get married for the third time. The 68-year-old Beatles legend got engaged to Nancy Shevell, a 51-year-old New York City businesswoman who he has been dating since 2007.

According to People magazine, McCartney's five children are all in favor of the pending wedding, about which no details or dates have been revealed.  Apparently the two have great chemistry together - "cool, chilled out and optimistic."  (...and why wouldn't Paul McCartney be optimistic?  Pretty much everything he's touched has turned to musical gold for the last forty years.)

This will be Paul's third marriage. Of course everyone knows about his first wife Linda, who he wedded in 1969 and stayed with until her untimely passing from cancer in 1998. He was also married to model and activist Heather Mills from 2002 until 2008.

We wish Paul and his new fiancee all the best, and we'd also like to state emphatically that it was our co-workers over at PopCrush who turned us onto this news. See, we were far too busy listening to rock and roll records and breaking the rules of "polite" society, as determined by squares, to ever read about that stuff.

Also, no matter what our wives tell you, or what photographs they have, we NEVER watch 'The Biggest Loser.' But Chris Jericho totally got jobbed on 'American Idol,' you can quote us on that.

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