Heather Mills’ contentious divorce from Paul McCartney has left her ostracized from her previous existence. In a new interview, she talked about the difficulty she has had in re-establishing her life since their 2006 split.

“It’s very hard to be married to a Beatle,” she told Event. “Linda had it tough, Yoko [Ono] had it tough and what happened to me after the divorce … losing my leg was easier to cope with. … I felt I lost everything. I spent my whole life raising money for charities, and I was asked to leave every charity because I became poison. … Everything I had been was taken away.”

Mills lost half of her left leg in 1993 in a collision with a police motorcycle. However, with the use of a prosthetic, she has turned her attentions to competitive skiing. She is currently ranked 28th in world slalom by the International Paralympic Committee. But she has also found that her disability has actually helped her pick up men.

“I never saw that by losing a leg I was in any way losing my femininity,” she continued. “Even now, I’m 47 and if I see a hot man I know I can have him. I might not want him but I can have him. I’m not embarrassed about my leg. In fact, a good chat-up line from me is, 'How do you fancy massaging my stump?'"

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