Fans of former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo may be surprised to hear that the hard-core metal frontman used to rock out to the likes of the Beatles and Peter Frampton.

In a new video interview, Anselmo talks about his musical influences, particularly how his tastes quickly turned from classic rock to heavy metal.

"I went from being a kid-kid, listen to everything from the Beatles through Kiss, Peter Frampton, Jethro Tull — classic rock, classic stuff — into immediately, it seemed like, Iron Maiden and stuff like that," he said. "The first Iron Maiden record and then, obviously, the first Metallica record."

Anselmo, who has fronted the bands Down and Superjoint Ritual since Pantera's breakup, is now set to release a solo album under his own name.

"I'm releasing my solo project just under 'Philip H. Anselmo' because I'm just one musician," he says of the effort. "What I've tried to do is take traditional and ball it up and reshape it. It's not too far removed from the genuine article. It's gonna be metal to the naked ear."

Watch Phil Anselmo Talk About His Classic Rock Influences