To celebrate the 20th anniversary reissue of Pantera's classic metal album 'Vulgar Display of Power,' Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock are giving you the chance to win a jaw-droppingly cool Dean 'Dimebonics' guitar as well as the new 20th anniversary edition of the record.

The Dimebonics ML guitar, as you can see, is absolutely beautiful and comes complete with a mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, USA Dean DMT “Dimetime” / Dimebucker pickups and a whole lot more.

Justifiably perched atop Loudwire's list of the 11 Top Metal Albums of the 1990s, 'Vulgar Display of Power' is one of the most perfectly descriptively named albums ever. Songs like 'Walk,' 'Mouth for War' and 'This Love' strip away all remaining traces of the excess and glamour that had creeped into metal in previous years, replacing it with a primal yet technically impressive attack. The 20th anniversary edition includes a previously unreleased song with the charming name of 'Piss.'

During a recent interview with our brother site about 'Power,' singer Phil Anselmo modestly credited the production with much of the album's success: "It was leaps and bounds and we were at the forefront of helping that change. Dimebag’s guitar sound, and the drum tones, all that f—ing stuff was relevant. I am in no position to say this, but a lot of people say it stands the test of time."

Of course, the songwriting, musical and vocal performances had a lot to do with the album's success as well. You can hear it for yourself by picking up the deluxe edition of 'Vulgar Display of Power' over at iTunes right now.

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