You know the situation: you're finished with your evening's fun and, about to head home, you realize that the key won't fit in your car's lock. But upon careful consideration, you realize that you had the wrong automobile. Well, something similar happened to Ozzy Osbourne recently.

As reported by TMZ, Ozzy and his wife Sharon were coming out of a restaurant, where they were promptly met by fans and paparazzi. The couple sign some autographs, answer a few questions and pose for pictures. But while Sharon stays behind to talk about the pregnancy of Sara Gilbert, one of her co-hosts on 'The Talk,' Ozzy heads to a nearby black Range Rover and climbed into the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, the car belonged to a woman named Terry. As others suggested that Terry take him home with her, he was informed of his mistake and left the vehicle. And it all took place as Sharon laughed and the cameras rolled. The video is embedded above.