Ozzy Osbourne might be rock's reigning Prince of Darkness, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a healthy, balanced breakfast -- or, for that matter, a heaping bowl of sugary cereal.

Although he's gotten more press for some of his other vices, one of Ozzy's longest-running addictions has been the UK cereal Sugar Puffs -- and when he found himself in need of a few boxes recently, the company that makes them was happy to help out. 

Although Ozzy stocks up on Sugar Puffs whenever he's back home in England, they're tough to come by when he's in the States. With Halloween around the corner and a special edition toffee apple flavored version of Spooky Puffs on UK shelves, the folks at Honey Monster cereal knew he'd be jonesing for his favorite breakfast treat, so they shipped him a full five cases' worth.

As an understated company spokesperson put it, "We made sure he has enough to go around at Halloween." Perhaps Ozzy will use some of the energy from all those bowls of cereal to get things moving on that rumored Black Sabbath reunion.