Ozzy Osbourne ruled the rock world for much of the '80s. But as he began work on what would become 1991's 'No More Tears,' declining sales had made it clear the former Black Sabbath trailblazer was dangerously close to becoming just another member of the trend-chasing pack -- releasing overly slick pop-metal records, and it must be said, dressing like an old woman.

Luckily, new guitarist and songwriting partner Zakk Wylde helped offer the first signs of salvation on 1988's 'No Rest for the Wicked.' The duo really hit their stride with 'No More Tears,' a multi-platinum smash that cut out all the B.S. and re-invigorated Osbourne's career. Together with his annual Ozzfest tours, the album earned Ozzy permanent "elder statesman" status in the rock world.

Watch Ozzy Osbourne Perform 'No More Tears'