Ozzy Osbourne has spoken extensively about getting his genome sequenced and how the results showed genetic mutations that he credits for his body's ability to withstand a massive intake of drugs and alcohol over the years. But it turns out that the Black Sabbath singer also credits his genes for another minor miracle -- the fact that he still has a full head of hair at the age of 62.

"It's all real," Osbourne replied when asked recently during an interview with Asylum UK if his hair is actually his. "I'm very lucky to have been blessed with good hair genes. If it's thinning or receding, my advice is to shave it all off, man. It's a battle you can't win, unless you've got a serious amount of time and dough to throw at the problem."

That's not the first time Osbourne has dished such advice. In fact, Ozzy has been offering up all types of advice on a wide variety of topics in various columns, and now he has compiled the best of the best in his new health and relationship advice book, 'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy.'

No, he's not actually a doctor -- but he does have a genetic mutation that gives him superhuman strength when it comes to abusing his body and draws the interest of doctors worldwide. And, he still has a full head of hair. If that's not enough to make you want to listen to Dr. Ozzy, we don't know what in the world will.

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