Here at the UCR world headquarters, we love documentaries and from what we’re seeing, ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne’ looks like it’s going to be awesome. As we continue to stalk the postman while waiting for our copy of the new 'Diary' and 'Blizzard' reissues, we were happy to find a new interview about the upcoming film with co-director Mike Fleiss, who's working on the flick with Ozzy's son Jack.

The resume of Fleiss seems pretty dodgy initially, with ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ on the short list of his accomplishments, as well as the 2003 reboot of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ But as all of us are, Fleiss is a big fan of the Ozz-man.

“I’m a lifetime Sabbath fan,” Fleiss enthused to Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve played in heavy metal bands my whole life. I’ve played in Black Sabbath tribute bands.” Fleiss knew Sharon Osbourne from his reality show work, and it was Sharon who suggested him to Jack when he was looking for a director.

Fleiss was determined to make the film a proper representation of Osbourne’s sizable legacy. He worked hard to avoid creating a “puff piece” due to the family’s involvement and his own love for Osbourne.

As they worked to construct what would become ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne,’ Fleiss says “We had to talk about the difficult times and the embarrassing times and really do it unblinkingly. I think because of that honesty you come away from the movie really caring and admiring and even loving Ozzy Osbourne.”

Ultimately, Fleiss says that it is the often-hated Sharon Osbourne who saved Ozzy’s life, something that is aided by the fact that he’s a “rugged British gentleman” with “one hell of a constitution.”

At 62 years of age, Ozzy Osbourne remains a true performer, one of the last of a vanishing breed and Fleiss marvels at the power of Ozz, “jumping around, doing his little frog dance, and singing these incredibly challenging vocal lines for nearly two hours.”

EW has an exclusive clip from the documentary that you can watch via this link. This is Ozzy we're talking about, so keep in mind there are parts of it that are unsafe for work.

Watch a Special Clip from 'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne'