Dancing can be dangerous for the less rhythmically inclined among us, but even if you've been a contestant on 'Dancing with the Stars,' that doesn't mean you're immune from mishaps while you're out there cutting a rug. That's exactly what Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly recently discovered when a night on the dance floor turned into a trip to the hospital.

As Osbourne herself explained on twitter, "Long story short I cracked my head open then kept passing out."

As it turns out, Osbourne's injury wasn't entirely her fault. Her mom Sharon, a co-host on 'The Talk,' flew out to Miami to be with Kelly as she recuperated, and reported back to the show on Monday, indicating that her dance partner was to blame. "The guy takes down her to dip, and as her dips her down, she hits her head on an amplifier," Sharon told the studio audience. "It split her head open."

Lest you imagine Kelly's brains spilling out onto the dance floor, the reality sounds a little less dramatic. As People magazine notes, Kelly actually returned to her hotel after hitting her head, but decided to go to the hospital when she kept losing consciousness.

There, she was given stitches and told she had a concussion. "I just want 2 thank all the incredible doctors and nurses @ Mercy hospital in Miami 4 taking such good care of me," she later tweeted. "U guys really are amazing!