Do you love Ozzy Osbourne and commemorative ceramic plates? Well, then maybe you should have moved quicker, because someone on eBay recently plunked down a cool $165 and beat you to this future family heirloom, a fully authorized and autographed limited edition plate featuring the 'Prince of Darkness' himself!

Actually, there's no need for despair - they've got plenty more available in current eBay auctions, and if you're willing to get a plate without an autograph you can save yourself at least a hundred bucks. According to one extremely informative ebay listing, 10,000 of these plate were commissioned by Ozzy himself back in 1999, featuring a collage with three different views of our hero -- one featuring him extremely more "ripped" than we ever remember, but hey, creative license is allowed when one's making myth-building self-portraits, right?

The plates are eight inches in diameter, which is good for sensible portion control, and rimmed with 24-karat gold, which is good because whatever stock you own just became worth a lot less money this afternoon. We're still saving our dollars for the full tricked-out version of the recent 'Diary of a Madman / Blizzard of Ozz 30th Anniversary Box Set,' but Mom's birthday iscoming up, so maybe we'll get her one.

'God Bless Ozzy,' the new documentary about Osbourne put together by his son Jack, will play in movie theaters across the country on Aug. 24 and 29th. You can find more information about these screenings here.