Ozzy Osbourne has criticized modern-day politicians, citing their lack of responsibility, among other things, following Nelson Mandela's death two weeks ago.

The Black Sabbath singer recently told NME that politicians are using Mandela's death to improve their images. "It's sad that he's gone, because he was such a good hope guy for so many people," Osbourne said. "But it became the clique thing to be photographed with Mandela, you know?"

Pointing out his aversion to politics, Osbourne clarified his comments, while also pointing an accusatory finger. "I don't touch politics," he said. "I leave that to Bono. He won't be happy now that his best mate Mandela has gone. But I'm not politically motivated. I sang songs about political situations, wars and that, but they're all f---ing liars if you ask me."

The Prince of Darkness concluded his interview with NME -- which claims it's the only solo interview Osbourne did this year -- by offering a word of advice to politicians, as well as his diagnosis on why Mandela really died.

"He seemed like a good guy, but he was f---ing 95, at the end of the day," he said "I bet he was tired! I think entertainers should stay entertainers and politicians should stay liars. If you say you'll do something and you can't do it, you should get fired, because you got your job under false pretenses."