It might be time to sit down with the pre-K members of your family and have a little talk about the Prince of Darkness, because Ozzy Osbourne is about to make his Nick Jr. debut.

Rolling Stone reports that the Black Sabbath frontman has booked a voiceover gig on the network's hit animated series 'Bubble Guppies,' which follows the adorable adventures of mer-person preschoolers dwelling in the idyllic undersea villa of Bubbletucky. Osbourne will play a new character named Sid Fishy, a role he says he was drawn to because "I’ve always smelled a bit fishy."

Pressed for details, Osbourne admitted that he took on an animated alter ego to impress his two-year-old granddaughter, Pearl. "The whole reason I did the show was for Pearl," he explained. "She has Nick Jr. on 24/7. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she hears my voice come from Sid Fishy’s mouth."

As you can see from the picture of Fishy at the top of this post, he swims around with a canister of green liquid strapped to his back, which a network rep explained by saying, "The green liquid is Sid Fishy's 'stink sauce' made up of different smells such as stinky socks and rotten eggs. He wants to use the stink sauce to cover Big Bubble City and all its citizens to make them stinky."

No exact date is listed for Sid Fishy's debut, but Rolling Stone's report adds that Osbourne's episode of 'Bubble Guppies' is scheduled to air next year, and will be part of a season that also includes an appearance from drag queen, model, author, and recording artist extraordinaire RuPaul.