It's a tough world out there for young bands, and new acts have to grab attention any way they possibly can. For some, that means taking on a name that most of us wouldn't want to repeat in front of our grandmothers.

Often, their choices are profane yet silly, such as the Butthole Surfers — but others zero in on targets of bad taste, like the Canadian band Viet Cong, who recently found themselves in the news after a promoter canceled one of their gigs, citing the band name's loaded meaning for the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities.

Inspired by that incident and the wave of think pieces that followed, our sister site Diffuser has abandoned all pretense of politeness and delved into this decorum-challenging rock 'n' roll tradition, assembling a list of some of the most offensive band names ever adopted by groups who still managed to find an audience — nearly 30 in all — and putting together a handy slideshow for your perusal.

Whether you're assembling a provocative playlist, just looking for a little titillation, or are simply curious as to whether your favorite offensively-named band made the cut, check out the slideshow above. It's all utterly NSFW, of course, so proceed with caution — but when it's all over, you'll have a pretty good idea of which acts you definitely don't want to put on your mixtape for the next church picnic.

Rock's Most Hated Albums