Remember back in the day when a new album would come out -- usually on a Tuesday -- and you would head to your favorite local record store, pick up a copy, and then go home and immerse yourself in an entire record's worth of new, never-before-experienced music? You'd probably heard the first single, but besides that, every single track was virgin to your ears, a full record full of endless possibility. Those days are over.

Van Halen have been slowly leaking their forthcoming reunion album, 'A Different Kind of Truth,' in bits and pieces -- the single and its video was released, another track premiered on 'CSI,' 30-second clips surfaced online. We were even lucky enough to offer a 90-second preview of the tune 'China Town' last week. And now we have a little bit more of a taste, as 90-second clips of each and every song from 'Truth' have been now posted on YouTube (rumor has it that the original source was iTunes Canada). It's certainly a different way of experiencing 'Truth.'

The 30-second clips that surfaced last week were as much of a tease as they were a peak into 'Truth,' but these 90-second snippets really give a feel as to what the band's first album with David Lee Roth since 1984's '1984' is all about -- and well, we like what we hear! We've posted the clip for second track 'She's the Woman' below, and all 13 tracks have been collected on one handy preview page here. Listen and enjoy!

Listen To 90 Seconds of the New Van Halen Track 'She's the Woman'