Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren will release a new solo album on Tuesday, via his official website and digital download, featuring contributions from several old friends, including former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm, Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers and soul legend Sam Moore.

‘Old School’ finds the veteran guitarist covering a number of topics, including desperation, self-doubt, true love and departed friends. Dedicating the album specifically to his beloved bandmate, the late Clarence Clemons, Nils remembers his old friend and others who have passed on with the song ‘Ain’t Too Many Of Us Left.’

Lofgren acknowledges that the album contains some controversial subject matter, particularly within the politically charged title track, which features special guest Lou Gramm. "These songs reflect characters with some radical feelings and beliefs. They're definitely thought-provoking."  The material is also typically diverse, as you’d expect, with Nils stating that the songs on ‘Old School’ range from “rough bluesy tracks” to “haunting acoustic songs.”

With the future of the E Street Band still to be determined, Nils continues to play solo shows and will be on the road for several dates as the year wraps up “to talk up the album and have some fun.”