In an interesting historical twist, Nikki Sixx had an opportunity to see his sons play the Troubadour in West Hollywood nearly 33 years to the day after Motley Crue did.

Sixx talked about the Friday show, via a Facebook post embedded below, saying "They have a different sound and their own unique vibe which is what NEW music is all about. ... So much more could be said but I am sure you can imagine how cool this was."

Figs Vision, an LA band whose Bandcamp page features a more alternative-rock sound, has included both Storm Sixx on vocals and Gunner Sixx on keyboards, along with Jordan Spoliansky (vocals/guitar) and Zackary Darling (bass), according to their Facebook page. The elder Sixx advocated for them from the first, talking up Figs Vision on his radio show, promoting them online and even shooting an early promotional photo for the band.

Motley Crue were regulars at the Troubadour in the early '80s, a gig that helped to build their local legend ahead of a 1983 major-label breakthrough with 'Shout at the Devil.' Sixx later made specific reference to those times in the title track he co-wrote for Motley Crue's 2008 album 'Saints of Los Angeles.'

As their final tour unfolds, members of Motley Crue have confirmed that they'd like to play their last-ever shows together back in Los Angeles sometime in 2016. Sixx, in fact, specifically mentioned the Troubadour while reminiscing about how it all could possibly end.

“I dream about getting in my car after the final bow. I’m going to drive home, alone, with the radio off," he said. "I’m going to drive pass the Whisky, the Roxy, the Rainbow and the Troubadour. I’ll drive up to my house, put the key in the door, walk in, turn around and be like, ‘Where did all the f—ing years go?’ Then I’ll close the door and wait for the next chapter.”

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