Nikki Sixx was asked by a WGN Morning News anchor what he thought of Justin Bieber. And the Motley Crue bassist answered as any self-respecting rocker would: with two middle fingers.

The question came up this morning, as Sixx and Crue singer Vince Neil made the promotional rounds for their Final Tour. At one point, they were asked, "If Justin Bieber came to you guys and said, 'It's your farewell tour, it's your final tour. I want to come onstage with Motley Crue.' How would you guys react?"

Neil shook his head for about three seconds before Sixx hoisted his two-finger salute to the pop star. You can watch the video above.

The Crue announced the last leg of their final tour yesterday, with the band wrapping up its run of shows with a New Year's Eve concert in Los Angeles, the city where they got their start more than 30 years ago. Sixx told ABC News Radio that "It's gonna be great, ending it where we started it."

The band will resume its Final Tour in Japan next month before swinging back through the states in July. Right now, the tour stops in Mexico City in September before the group performs two last shows: the L.A. one and one in Las Vegas, with a date and location to be named. But there's a good chance the fall months might be spent overseas with one last lap through Europe.

The tour has been a success so far. As Sixx told ABC News Radio, "Fans loved it from top to bottom," he said. "The production. The songs. Great camaraderie between the bands and the crew. It was really easy. I mean, we've toured with bands it's not so easy sometimes."

Apparently that means no trouble from tour opener Alice Cooper ... unless you count the veteran rocker's backstage habits. "The only problem [was] that if you go into his dressing room, if you don't announce yourself, he likes to throw knives, throwing knives, at the door," said Sixx. "And there's been a couple of close calls."

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