Nikki Sixx has started a new blog in conjunction with iHeartRadio in an effort to shine a spotlight on some of the better young rock acts rising through the ranks.

You can read the first entry, titled "#SupportNewMusic with Nikki Sixx," now, and check out Sixx's reasons for championing recent singles by PVRIS, Crown the Empire, From Ashes to New and the Struts — all of which you can hear in the post. Looking back over his life and crediting music with giving him crucial emotional support during some of his most difficult days, Sixx explains why discovering new artists remains important to him today.

"I can’t remember a time in life when a new song came on the radio and I didn’t feel like I was experiencing something special and important," he writes. "When a good song hits, whether it soothes the romantic soul or ignites the fire of 10 thousand fists, it’s real. I guess you can say that’s why music and radio are so important to me."

Adding that his mission with the blog is to "re-energize and revitalize music by giving new artists a chance," Sixx cautions readers, "Take time to refresh your playlist — it’s important. Cultivate the great bands we have worked so hard to find, but also keep the new stuff coming."

This project is just the latest in Sixx's series of efforts to remind rock listeners that they have choices beyond the tried and true, and to warn of the consequences if fans don't support younger artists: Last year, Sixx publicly disagreed with Gene Simmons' assertion that "rock is dead," saying that "new blood is boiling in a garage near you ... we need them." He also used the ongoing debate over streaming royalties to point out that the music industry's uncertain climate impacts new bands more than the veterans.

"What are we doing to help new artists? We were all new artists once too," said Sixx. "We’ve been around long enough that we should be addressing these issues to help new artists; exposing the things that are more than just roadblocks, the things that are actually sinkholes."

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