If you've been watching TV over the last week or so, it's been pretty hard to avoid the latest Nike commercial.

The 'Game On, World' spot finds the star athlete looking at the world like a video game, bounding and leaping from platform to platform, competing in a rooftop jump rope competition, hopping down a smokestack, dodging fiery basketballs and eventually competing against a robot-like LeBron James player before being knocked back down a level and starting over.

Helping push the action throughout the commercial is the '60s classic, '(You're) Pushin' Too Hard' from psychedelic rock outfit the Seeds. The track preceded the band's self-titled debut album by a couple of months, first hitting the airwaves in November 1965.

The song was penned by the late Sky Saxon in the front seat of his car while waiting for his girlfriend to finish grocery shopping. It's said that Saxon was either writing about a loved one's intent to control him, but it's also been interpreted as a rant against society's controls as well.

'(You're) Pushin' Too Hard' would later be selected for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit, "500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll."

Watch the Nike 'Game On, World' Commercial featuring the Seeds