You know that fast circulating rumor that a new Van Halen single called 'Late Term' is on the way next week? Turns out the rumor may be, as we warned you, completely and totally false, much to the chagrin of Van Halen diehards.

Van Halen News Desk shot the rumor to hell, posting the following update: "There is a new, widespread rumor that specifically states the release date and song title of what would be the first single from Van Halen's upcoming album. As with nearly all rumors like this, this rumor is completely FALSE."

The news about 'Late Term' broke via a tenuous source at best. Allegedly, the information was supplied by the friend of a friend who is tight with someone in the VH camp. Fans were understandably excited, as this would be the first new single with the always entertaining David Lee Roth since 'Me Wise Magic' from 'Best of Volume 1.' That song went No. 1 at radio, and was recorded back in 1996 during the first brief VH/DLR reunion. Another new song, 'Can't Get This Stuff No More,' was also recorded with DLR at that time.

If and when a new Van Halen album resurfaces, it will be the first with Roth in 27 years. The band hit the studio in January but the status of a new album remains the subject of much conjecture, which is why fans were so quick to glom onto a crumb of information such as the single "news."