Our October 2014 New Music Releases countdown features new and archival releases from classic rock legends including Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger and Stevie Nicks.

Led Zeppelin will be releasing the fourth and fifth albums in their massive full-catalog remastering campaign: their untitled 1971 masterpiece and 1973's 'Houses of the Holy.' Nicks will also be raiding her back catalog, but in this case it's for an album filled with new recordings of previously unreleased songs, '24 Karat Gold - Songs From the Vault.'

Other October highlights include the long-awaited (and possibly final) new album from Seger, 'Ride Out,' a whole slew of Iron Maiden vinyl reissues and the long-awaited return of Billy Idol.

Here’s a full list of October's new classic rock releases. Click on the highlighted titles to learn more about many of these records and videos. Don’t forget to check out our updated list of all the 2014 New Music Releases to get the latest information on what your favorite artists are releasing in the rest of the year.