Neil Young admits to using unauthorized fan-shot video footage on the DVD and Blu-ray versions of his newly released live album 'A Treasure,' and vows to do so again on future archival projects.

"Anything that anybody puts out there is fair game for me,' Young explains to Billboard. "I can now use and will continue to use on all my 'Archive' projects from now on any defining performance from any [source] synced up to the sound that I like."

As he hysterically explains in the "Tech Notes" video documentary about the album, Young wasn't able to find the right video for the right song performance in each case for 'A Treasure.' So sometimes you'll see one bass player but hear another, sometimes you'll just see the album cover, and sometimes you'll see performance video sped up to nearly comical speeds so as to match up with the tempo on the audio version.

Young also reveals that he's making good progress on 'Archives 2,' the follow-up to the initial 2009 volume of his massive, multi-part career-spanning box set, which he hopes to release in 2012: "We're well into shooting the discs and getting the video ready for it and the interactivity and all of the content."

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