Longtime Rush drum tech Lorne Wheaton appeared at NAMM 2015 in January, and Evil Ed Nijjer, Canadian editor for DRUM-line Magazine, took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Neil Peart's drum kit for the band's upcoming R40 Tour.

The new setup looms in the background of Nijjer's interview with Wheaton, which you can watch above. And while Wheaton obviously couldn't go into great detail regarding Rush's plans for the tour, he did reveal a few choice bits of information about what went into building Peart's latest drums -- and what manufacturer DW was up against when they confronted the month-and-a-half timeline they had to deal with.

"This is 1,500-year-old Romanian oak, pulled out of a bog in Romania," said Wheaton, gesturing to the kit. "About a 16-foot-long trunk. That's what this drum set is built out of."

As for what exactly Peart will be playing in terms of songs and set lists, Wheaton could only hint at a somewhat back-to-basics approach -- and a set list heavy with cuts from the Rush archives. "We're not gonna be using the full V-Drum kit in the back, and we're not gonna be spinning," he added. "It's gonna be full-tilt Rush songs, and there will probably be a whole lot of old stuff in it."

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