Neal Schon has earned a number of accolades during his long career in Journey, but in a new interview the guitarist says he's not that interested in resting on his laurels, preferring to look to the future.

"I seldomly look back," Schon tells Vince Tornado of News Talk 610 WTVN (quote via Blabbermouth). "I'm always looking forward. It's great to have accomplished whatever we've accomplished . . . it's really gratifying, but really honestly, I look forward. I'm always looking forward and trying to conquer new things within the band, and just keep us active and keep us playing well."

Outside of Journey, Schon is keeping active with the release of a new solo album titled 'The Calling,' which he recorded directly on the heels of 'Eclipse,' Journey's most recent studio effort. "I had such a good time in the studio, I decided to stay in there," the guitarist reveals. "It was really just a fun, fast experience. It really was one of those type of albums -- I haven't done a lot of them -- that were just kind of off-the-cuff, and you just kinda walk in and make things up."

Schon recently became engaged to reality TV star Michaele Salahi, with whom he has conducted a very public affair that has drawn widespread criticism. He says he doesn't care about anybody who attacks their relationship online. "I don't pay attention to it anymore," he states, adding, "We're great. We're moving on, and I think everyone else should, too, and get a life. Get a job and get a life."