For some rockers, getting that first tattoo is a rite of passage. For others, it's a lifestyle choice — and just the first of many times they'll go under the needle.

Tattoos might be more common than ever these days, but there's still a line of social acceptance between that little heart on your administrative assistant's foot and full-blown body art, and for many people, that line is located right around the collar: Once you've crossed over into face and head tattoos, there's really no covering up.

Fortunately for some of our finer tattoo artists, rock stars don't have to worry about what the boss might think, and quite a few of them have ended up taking the plunge. Our sister site Loudwire has paid tribute to a handful of these brave ink-lovin' souls, compiling a list of 10 musicians with face and head tattoos — and putting together a handy slideshow with plenty of photos of the distinctive markings in question.

From legends like Rob Halford and Philip Anselmo to relative newcomers like Travis Barker and Ronnie Radke, there's lots to admire here, so start the slideshow and check 'em all out above!

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