Motorhead are launching their own brand of vodka, to go along with their line of wines. It features perhaps the most rock-worthy bottle ever.

Is it us or does vodka seem like it's more Lemmy's, uh, speed than wine? Are we right or are we right?

According to the band's official beverage site, Motorhead-branded vodka is full-bodied with a lightly fruity aftertaste and a touch of barley, which lends a grain character to the drink.

OK, granted we're publishing this first thing on a Monday morning, but still, kinda makes you want to raise a glass and toss one back, doesn't it?

It's a premium blend made from locally harvested wheat. The liquor was distilled and bottled in Malmkoping, Sweden.

Locally harvested wheat and locally sourced water, which has been filtered for thousands of years in a ridge in the town, is employed in the making of the vodka, giving it a very unique taste.

The band said that the drink is made in the true spirit of rock 'n' roll, so pour a glass and crank the volume. It'll be like having a drink with Lemmy at the bar inside the Rainbow in West Hollywood, since he's known to frequent that particular, iconic rock haunt.

The bottle is sleek and frosted black, emblazoned with the Motorhead logo. It’ll look cool on the shelf long after you've consumed the contents, suffered the hangover and moved on.

Motorhead Vodka certainly isn't your run-of-the-mill vodka. It will retail for approximately $60 U.S. dollars in the future, however it's currently only available in Sweden only. Availability in further countries is coming soon.