Here's your chance to sample Motorhead's upcoming 22nd album Bad Magic. The skull-denting "Thunder & Lightning," which you can listen to above, was part of sessions that found Motorhead writing and recording in the studio, reportedly for the first time in since Mikkey Dee joined the Lemmy Kilmister-led group in 1992.

Bad Magic, which is due on Aug. 28, makes quick work following 2013's Aftershock. Included with "Thunder & Lightning" are 11 other originals (among them, “Teach Them How to Bleed," “Tell Me Who to Kill” and “Choking on Your Screams”), coupled with an album-closing take on the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." Their producer remains longtime collaborator Cameron Webb, who has helmed every Motorhead release going back to 2004's Inferno. Phil Campbell rounds out Motorhead's core lineup.

They began teasing the new album – which arrives as Motorhead near their 40th anniversary -- by posting a graphic online that said "XXXX." Of course, in roman numerals, "40" is represented by "XL." But that doesn't look anywhere near as cool and evil as "XXXX," right?

The band is already set for a string of summer tour dates; Motorhead will be appearing in North America with Antrax. The Motorboat Cruise is also scheduled for late September; fans will board in Miami for a trip to the Bahamas. Motorhead and Anthrax will be joined by Slayer as part of those at-sea concerts.

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