Motörhead veterans Phil Campbell and Eddie Clarke weren't on hand when Lemmy's memorial service took over the Sunset Strip on Jan. 9, but it wasn't for a lack of willingness to be there.

As Campbell explained to his Twitter followers, his absence had everything to do with his recent hospitalization, which forced the cancellation of a handful of shows and inspired some forcefully debunked rumors of Campbell's demise. Although he's now on the mend, doctors still felt the long flight to Los Angeles would have been too much for him to handle.

Clarke, meanwhile, found his own travel plans foiled by what he charmingly referred to as "past sins" that kept him from securing a visa speedily enough to make the memorial. But like Campbell, Clarke was fortunately able to look in on the service via the online stream set up for fans unable to make it in person, and he offered kind words for those who paid tribute to Lemmy during the program.

"It all reminded me of what a great man Lemmy was and how much he lived for his music and Motörhead and the fans," wrote Clarke. "It was great to see the picture of the old band with Phil in the middle. They were great days and I miss them both. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It was very sad but the message got across about the great man."

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