A skimpy stage production is definitely not in the cards for Motley Crue's upcoming 12-gig residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In fact, singer Vince Neil says that every two-hour-plus show will feature "amazing visuals and stuff you would not expect from a rock concert."

But each night during the run of Motley Crue in Sin City, the band plans to deviate from the overall bombast and dial the music down — way down.

"We'll have an acoustic set inside the show that we rarely ever play," Neil says. "There will be a lot of stuff that, even if you've been to see Motley Crue a bunch of times, will be new for you." Fans can also look forward to special guests sitting in with the Crue, but unlike the acoustic segment, those moments are not expected every night.

"Some people have actually called us and asked about being in the show, and we're going to have a spot in the show where someone can come up and jam with us," says Neil. The Motley Crue in Sin City residency begins Feb. 3 and wraps Feb. 19.