Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars recently spoke with the Birmingham Weekly, and when asked about the band’s delicate inner relationships after 30 years, he said “we have our spats just like any other family kind of thing.”

The band is on the road this summer, touring with one-time adversaries Poison and the highly influential New York Dolls. The 60-year old guitarist has particularly enjoyed the chance to hang out with Dolls guitarist Earl Slick, who normally tours with David Bowie.

Slick and Mars are the same age, although Mars notes that he grew up playing Slick’s riffs when he was in cover bands. Because of that connection, he and Slick enjoy swapping stories and the chance to “goof around.”

Mars is also still a gear-head at heart and enjoys collecting old Marshall Stack amplifiers -- despite having an arsenal of 62 of them already. He says he still keeps his eyes open for a good vintage guitar, even if it’s a cheap one that might mix well for recording with another guitar that he already owns.

On the subject of technology, Mars is a bit more tentative, saying that things like iTunes are a “cool vehicle for just about anybody,” but also pointing out the negative side, namely, that people can buy the music once and trade it with their friends without the band getting paid again. But as Mars realizes, the technology also makes it easier for bands to get their music out there.

He jokes that the reason that Motley Crue continue to make music is “because we are all too stupid to do anything else.” Their summer tour is currently set to run through August 17. Outside of the band, he recently revealed plans to potentially release an R&B-tinged solo album.

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