A dazzlingly impressive Christmas lights display set to Motley Crue's 'Kickstart My Heart' has been getting lots of attention on the internet thanks to a Facebook post by the band's Nikki Sixx.

For the full duration of the nearly five-minute long song, taken from the band's 1989 album 'Dr. Feelgood,' thousands of lights blink and flash all over the Appleton, Wis. house and seemingly every inch of their yard.

The degree to which the display synchronizes with the music through every riff, tempo change and chorus simply must be seen to be believed. Whoever this guy is, he should be handling lights for the next Crue or Kiss tour. As Sixx says, "Merry X Mas indeed...Wow.....blown away."

The real crazy part? The homeowner probably has something even crazier going on right now, because this is last year's display. Although this visual artist has been quick to answer fan questions on his YouTube page -- he's also done displays set to Nickelback's music, and used a Light-O-Rama setup featuring 8 boxes and 124 channels to control all the action -- there's no word on what he's got planned for this year.